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Preamble :
Forced to set a registration fee for our preselection since 2013, we are this year again facing the same obligation, due to on-going financial problems. We are aware of the effort that it may represent for small production units and self-produced authors, but we remain convinced that you will understand that this funds are necessary to keep our festival alive and well. We thank you for your trust.

Les Ecrans Documentaires has offered in selections or in programming more than 1300 films since 1996. With a strong base-line: its requirement for style, singular processes, shared experience, personal eye, genuine listening, creative experimentation. And the taste for exhibiting innovative practices: workshop or interdisciplinary productions, installations and constructions, « doc concert ». Our festival is willing to reflect the multiplicity and consistency of documentary production, through diversity : research, try-outs, resilience, boundaries of reality...

Competition :
This year the competition is exclusively opened to first and second films, from school, self produced or produced. Les Ecrans Documentaires has always given priority to new talents discovery. Films in opposition, inventing a new connection between "way to do" and "way of thinking", free and independent films, reflecting their author's actual need, escaping standards to be formed into autonomous artistic actions.

The Prize of Moulin d'Andé
Les Écrans Documentaires have been collaborating for 12 years with the Cinematographic Writing Association of Moulin d'Andé (CECI). Twelve years discovering new authors, through various programmations, and through the award of Moulin d'Andé offering a writing residency for its laureate. Under the same conditions, it's possible this year to send your application also for this Prize.
If interested, you can send by email ( the different documents by following the indications detailed on the subscription page.


Article 1
Les Ecrans Documentaires festival will take place at the “Jean Vilar” cinema in Arcueil, from the 7th to the 13th of November 2018.

Article 2 - Registration rules
The competition is open to first and second films with a documentary dimension. Films must have been completed after 1st January 2017, and it must be the very first participation in the Festival for the concerned film. The festival will be particularly attentive to the uniqueness of the construction and narration, the diversity of the reading levels, the critical framework offered to the viewer, as well as the formal, plastic or perceptive efforts. All length and themes are accepted. Reportages, institutionnal films, and magazine topics won't be taken into consideration by the selection committee.

Article 3 : Prize
Directors (producers) submit their film for the Ecrans Documentaires Prize and if interested, for the Moulin d'Andé Prize (CECI - Centre des Ecritures Cinématographiques) .

Article 4 –Technical specifications
Films, videos  may be submitted.
Films in any other language than French must have French subtitles or, for lack of it, English subtitles.
Moreover, non-French language productions must provide (if not subtitled in French) a typewritten version (digital document only) of the dialogues, comments and text in French, or for lack of it, in English.

Article 5 – Selection : deadlines and conditions
Registration and validation online:
- A link (Vimeo, YouTube...) must have been attached to the online registration.
- The contribution fee for registration is 10€ per film and must have been paid via Paypal.

They have to mention IMPERATIVELY the registration number provided in the confirmation email after online registration in the input field INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLOR. If not, they adress by email ( date, hour, Paypal transaction number and the title of the film related to.
- They must have sent by email ( for non-French language films without subtitles, dialogues, comments and text in French, or for lack of it, in English.

Registration and validation by post (in one sending),
once the registration is done online:
- Competitors must send a DVD copy or Blu-Ray (please make sure it's working) of the film (whatever the master was produced on).
The DVD package must IMPERATIVELY carry the following informations:
- The registration number, provided in the confirmation email after online registration.
- Title
- Length
- Director's name
- Production's name
- Sender's address.
- The contribution fee for registration is 10€ per film and must have been paid via Paypal.

Competitors send the DVD at their own expenses and risk and wave any claim against the organizers of the festival.
We receive your works until the 27th of July 2018 at the latest (postmark as proof), to:

Espace Jean Vilar (Festival Les Ecrans Documentaires)
1 rue Paul Signac - 94110 Arcueil - France

The DVD copies will be kept by the festival on the account of 'memory copies'. If the film is not selected, the DVD copies and preselection materials will be sent back only if competitors are making the request, and provide a postage paid envelope with sender's name and address written on it.

Article 6 – registration fee
The contribution fee of registration is 10 euros per film and must be paid online via Paypal.
Any registration will be definitive only after payment of the fee.
Fee is not refundable.

Article 7 – Selection
The selection committee makes sure that applications are in adequation with the competitive sections and objectives of the festival. The selection committee can also decide for a film to be shown in non-competitive screenings.

Article 8 – Selected films
When they are aware of the selection, selected films authors and/or eligible parties commit themselves to providing a photo of the film on the media and size requested by the festival (digital document), and, for the non speaking French films, a typed version of the dialogues, comments and text in French, or for lack of it, in English (digital document only), if they can't provide a french subtitled copy.
Selected films' authors and/or eligible parties commit themselves to providing a screening copy of their works in perfect condition (screening copy : DCP, Béta numérique, Béta SP, Blue Ray,16 et 35 mm) at the latest on Friday, the 19th of October 2018.
Shipping and insurance costs are to be paid entirely by the sender, as well as related expenses, in particular the fees of customs transit for taking the film in and out of the country.
The Festival will cover insurance expenses from the time films are received until they are sent back. In the event of loss or damage during this time, the Festival assumes responsibility only for the replacement value of the Beta SP, Beta digital, 16 or 35 mm copy. This copy will be kept by the Festival until 23rd november 2018.
Participation in the Festival implies the permission to broadcast clips of the film: the whole film during the festival screenings, and, for promotional purposes, no longer than 2 minutes clips of the films presented on French or foreign television channels and on the internet.
Authors and/or eligible parties permit the organizing committee to retain the preselection DVD copy for archive purposes.

Article 9 – Palmares
After Jury deliberation, the announcement of the Prize list and screening of the prizewinning films will take place on the week-end from 10th to 11th November 2018. Prize winning directors (or representatives) must be present. Prize winning films productions commit themselves to mentioning it in any promotional document published afterwards.

Article 10 – Rules acceptance
Completing a registration online implies full acceptance of the rules mentionned above. Should any matter come into dispute, only the French version of the rules will have force of law. Those regulations may be subject to modification.